2 years ago

Xtraman Football Fundraising

Xtraman Football Fundraising

When it comes to football fundraising ideas, Xtraman Football Fundraising cards not only provide the greatest value, but they can be used by supporters all over the U.S. Our fundraising discount cards come with around 300,000 discounts to popular places in Dining, Recreation, Movies, Shopping, Bowling, Theme Parks, Attractions and Much More - more discount than any other card available.

This makes our fundraising cards extremely easy to sell - unlike your traditional fundraising ideas for sports teams (cookie dough, candy, magazines, candles, etc) that tend to be over-priced and can be found by anybody right down the street at the local grocery store. More value, equals more sales - and more sales equals more money raised during your football fundraisers.

Xtraman Football Fundraising discount cards come with thousands of substantial discounts in all parts of the country, almost everyone will benefit from owning one. For this reason, we will create a personalized website for your program so that literally anyone who wants a card can get one. All they have to do is go to the site and buy a card.

Another feature is that with our current promotion, this $25 restaurant savings certificate that each of your supporters receives in addition to the other discounts basically pays for the card and then some.